Sunday, December 6, 2015

Uncomfortable Changes. Necessary Adaptations.

It REALLY has been a while since this particular blog has been touched.  Not because there was nothing to say but just because Tropical Current itself has been going through sort of a metamorphosis.  And in some ways, there seems to be no end to the changes.  We understand now that such are the characteristics of entrepreneurship. 

The most impactful change is with our move:
What else?  Be on the lookout for Tropical Current in 2016 and more of our work with the Caribbean Association of Georgia and other businesses in our community.  We're off to the next level.  Learn more about our business partners and sponsors below.

Tickets also available online.
Save time.  In ONE STOP, visit these local businesses and purchase your tickets:
  1. Georgetown Food Market
  2. International Roti House  
  3. Caribbean International Shipping
  4. Bourda Green Caribbean Market
  5. Le Gomier Restaurant & Event Hall   
More events from the Caribbean Association of Georgia:
Call the phone number provided and/or visit the website for more information
Call the phone number provided and/or visit the website for more information

Friday, November 14, 2014

Our Contribution to Unity and Leadership

Caribbean Unity Flag from

Unity and Culture

In looking around for symbols of unity in our community, I came across this Caribbean Unity flag online, which seems to be an abandoned cause.  Though I am disappointed about that apparent fact, this flag provides a nice message...exactly the message that Tropical Current is striving to implement.  

Changes Over The Years

As we launch Tropical Current, and beginning with the Caribbean community as a base, it is easily observable how the Caribbean-American community in Atlanta has changed over the last 20-plus years.   Initially,  there were only a handful of places one could go to authentically enjoy the West Indian culture.   It was (and still is) a delight to know and meet so many of us living in the metro Atlanta area.

Gone are those days of scarcity in Caribbean Culture.  Not only is there a larger number of businesses and individuals in the community (albeit still small compared to some other subcultural groups) but there are so many sub-groups that now the Caribbean community has become more or less disjointed.  Every event requires extreme competition for a relatively small section of the community. Disunity?  Maybe.

The Leadership Challenge

I do not claim to know the answer, however, I do have experience in dealing with some of the influential persons in the community and have been disappointed at some of the "leadership", or lack thereof.  From what I have witnessed, some of  these "leaders" in the community have become so self-absorbed that they might have forgotten that the reason that many people initially moved to the Atlanta community.  There was a sense of a close-knit, positive, progressive and empowered community.   These influential persons seem to have forgotten what it felt like to move to a new place, hopeful, embracing and being embraced by supportive peers while becoming familiar with the very unique Georgia culture. 

So why are some of these influential persons this way?

Again, I cannot claim to have the answer but I do want to say something to those leaders that seem to specialize in overriding the skillful contributions of everyone else (you know who you are).  My two cents include these words from the late great Bob Marley, "You can fool SOME people sometimes, but you can't fool ALL the people all the time." 

The Tropical Current Launch 

As we launch Tropical Current, we sincerely hope the apparently genuine interest in unity in our community will prevail.  We are here to do our part.  Here is an invite to come out on Sunday, November 16 and celebrate the beginning of something quite special in the community.   Learn more about the launch here then take the time to meet those who are making the launch possible.
Tropical Current Launch - You are invited
Tropical Current Launch.  The first of many quarterly events to come